Friday, May 3, 2013

Food Journal Day 8

I should have eaten more yesterday but I just wasn't hungry. I could have had a snack before bed. I just wasn't hungry. I blame a sore throat and NyQuil. I was OUT within 10 minutes of drinking the yucky green stuff. But I needed that sleep. I feel like I didn't do much yesterday but I balanced our checkbook and our budget, got some bills taken care of, colored with the girls, took them all to the ENT (Mercy's tonsils come out June 13! Ack!) and then came home, cooked dinner, made a grocery list and blew my budget at Smith's. But that's all another story. Food journal for yesterday ( I know, not healthy at all, I'll do better today, I swear!)

600 calories left. Wow. I could have had lunch, ha. We were out of food though. I mean, very little food in our house other than pasta, bread, chips, and other junk that I'm trying not to eat. The other problem is that I didn't eat breakfast. My eggs that are listed were eaten at noon. But like I said earlier, I blew my budget at the grocery story and now we have food in our house. I'll post about that later. But this is what I did yesterday.

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