Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Food Journal Day 20

The whole point of weight loss, and successful weight loss at that, is to make a lifestyle change. To stop eating when you are full and to make smart food choices. Yesterday I wasn't planning on having any pizza. I ended up with two slices. Then I looked outside and noticed our lawn was pretty shaggy so I went and mowed it. I haven't exercised much (ok at all) in the last three weeks and that was a work out. It was hot, and our grass was long. So I got an extra 300 calories for it! We were also planning an Arctic Circle run for milkshakes. We waited too long and they were closed. Even though I was planning on a small one this time, instead of my usual large, I'm glad we didn't go. See my next post for the reason ;) Oh and dinner was chicken fajitas. I had some peppers, onions and cheese in addition to the chicken I have listed but it wasn't much and I'm too lazy to find them on MFP's database. And the rice was a homemade spanish rice that was easy to make and delicious. I'll be making that again! This is the recipe I found. It's a keeper!

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