Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Food Journal Day 14 & Wednesday Weigh In

Ok I've been dieting for two weeks and I think it's going pretty well. Yesterday I had the day off and I decided not to take an ACE. I did ok on food choices, but most items are guestimates because they are homemade. So I need to take that into consideration. Also, our dinner was Beef & Broccoli and I had another serving when I got home from a work meeting at like 10:30. I probably should have just gone to bed, but we sampled our beers at work and I wanted to eat something. I also don't have any of the beer samples listed, but I'd estimate I only had 4 oz total of beer. What I learned from sampling all that beer is that I really don't like beer. Blech.

Also, today is weigh in day. I took the photo with the iPad, so I had to be tricky. Holding the iPad added a bit, so I had to jump on the scale, let it register and then grab the iPad before the number disappeared. I went up, which I slightly expected it to do, but really it's down from last Wednesday so I'll take it as a win. And I'm doing good with keeping track of my food choices and choosing healthier. I haven't had any gelato at work for two weeks. My mom will be here in less than three weeks and I need to keep on track and make sure I stay on track that weekend too.

But it's progress. And I'm hoping that I'm low 150's by my birthday and at my goal by the end of summer. I told Mike I want family photos done after I hit my goal cause we've never done them professionally before. I just need to keep the discipline and stay on track!

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