Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Sweet Summer

Oh summer. What a fun one it's been. We have done so many different things this summer, and I have Cache Valley Unplugged to thank for that. Working on our Brag Tags got us out of the house and to places we have never been. We did bowling, hiking, "fishing", the zoo, playgrounds and parks. We made crafts, and treats and helped our neighbors. We showed off our smiles and had so much fun. And now summer is gone. But we have these sweet memories. 

One thing I also did this summer was jump back into Bzz Agent. You sign up, fill out short surveys and then get matched up for Bzz Campaigns. Different things to try and talk about. I was doing it a year ago and was very into it, but then life happens and you get busy.

Speaking of life... (like that intro??) one of the Bzz Campaigns I'm in right now is for Coca Cola Life! You know, those green bottles of Coke you may have seen in the store. I have walked past them and never once stopped to look at them. I mean, there's Coke, and Diet Coke and Coke we really need ANOTHER Coke product? But thanks to this campaign, I got to try Coke Life for free and let other people know what I think.

First, I love the green. And if you purchase it in bottles, it's tiny 8 oz bottles of Coke. In glass. Yes! Cute, little glass bottles. Imagine the Pinterest crafts you could do with those. And there's just something about drinking soda out of a glass bottle that takes you back. 

Second, it's sweet, but not fake sweet. I HATE aspartame with a passion. I refuse to buy things with it. It tastes gross and it's the bi-product of e. coli. Um - eww. But Coke Life is sweetened with Stevia. You may have heard of this stuff - it's a plant. In fact, Mike planted a stevia plant in our garden this year and we made some sweet tea with stevia instead of sugar. It has a good sweetness too it that isn't calorie loaded sugar. 

I wish they made different flavors of this stuff! I'm a Cherry Coke kind of girl, but this is only available in the classic Coke flavor. I haven't tried Mexican Coke, but I hear this tastes very similar. Probably because Mexican Coke is made with sugar cane instead of high fructose corn syrup.

Coke Life has less calories, a great crisp flavor and cute bottles. Who could ask for more??

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Got it Free from Bzz Agent!

Power breakfast in the morning. Some caffeine and fuel

Pretty good! Must buy more :)