Monday, June 30, 2014

Coppertone Clearly Sheer

Summer is here! Hooray! And truth be told, I suck at remembering to put sunscreen on myself. And my kids. Unless we're doing something fun like the splash pad or the beach. I have some sunscreen somewhere in my house. From last year. Which means it's probably expired. 

Then I got into the Bzz Campaign for Coppertone Clearly Sheer. You know Coppertone, right? Cute girl with the puppy pulling down her swimsuit. Makes you think it's just for kids, but this new line is awesome for adults too! Especially since they don't smell like normal sunscreen does. So I can put some on before heading to the park, or on a walk or just to garden without smelling like the beach.

I tried two kinds. One was specialized for sunny days with a SPF of 30 and came in a bottle that fit perfectly into my purse to take along on our outings. The other was specialized for the beach or pool with a spf for 50 and was in a spray! I have used spray sunscreens before and always had to spray it and then rub it in. That left streaks and smears, especially if I was spraying it on myself. This spray went on clear and I didn't even need to rub it in.

The only thing I didn't like about the spray was if my kids breathed it in, they hated it and fought me about putting the sunscreen on the rest of their body.  No, I didn't spray it on their face, but if we did it outside and it was windy, it carried the mist. It reminded me of bug spray smell and they weren't having that. But being able to spray it on myself rocked! I could get my back and shoulders without worrying about missing a spot. 

Both formulas are water resistant for up to 80 minutes which was nice since that's about how long before my kids are tuckered out and ready to rest up.

We headed up to Bear Lake and to the Idaho side because the beach is much nicer and had a day of it. 85 degrees and not a single sunburn! Hooray!!

 Here's a few photos.
Daddy with Mercy & Bethany

It took a bit but Bethy did eventually go in the water. They loved looking for shells. 

It was windy and chilly if you got out of the water, so I stayed in as long as possible. Grace was a little guppy and barely came out of the water. She came back in for a photo.

Mercy needed a cookie break. Notice the Coppertone spray next to her. She had gotten into the other bottle and it was all over her face and hands. Unfortunately, I was in the water and no where near my camera to snap a pic. Shoot.

When Bethy finally got out of the water, she was shivering and needed a snuggle with daddy. She's such a sweetie.

So while it was nice to have the sunscreen at the beach, it's also nice to have something to apply that doesn't make me smell like I'm going to the beach. And it also didn't clog my pores or make me break out. Coppertone's Clearly Sheer is clearly a good choice!

I received this product for free to try and review because I'm a Bzz Agent.