Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lego Exhibit in Park City

I was reading the paper a few weeks ago and saw this guy Nathan Sawaya had an exhibit at the Kimball Art Center in Park City. It's all Legos! Grace loves legos. I mean L.O.V.E.S. Legos so I thought this would be something cool she'd like. I told Mike we should plan a trip so a couple Saturdays ago we headed out to P.C. Thankfully we picked a day when the skies were clear and blue!

We drove all the way through Park City, found a parking spot randomly and went off in search of the Art Center. I had only been in Parch City a few times before and never just randomly wandering. Thankfully it was pretty easy to find. And thank goodness for the double stroller. Mercy was in the front, Bethany asleep in the back and Grace just had to walk. But it held everything we needed.

Here's a few pics of the exhibit.

All Legos. I love the Crayons too

Grace next to a cat, of course.

Eww, but so cool

There were a lot more too but I didn't get pics. And then we got in trouble for having the stroller in the exhibit. Lame. Oh well. I think Grace's favorite part was the random Legos they had set out for kids to build with. But hopefully this helped spark her creativity!