Sunday, May 5, 2013

Food Journal Day 11 & A Crazy Day!

I thought I was going to go food crazy yesterday. I didn't. Thanks to ACE :) I had a busy day for being a day off and we changed plans halfway through.

First, I had a meeting for the Cache Valley Gardener's Market at which the Beehive Grill sells gelato. This year it's at Willow Park which rocks for a few reasons. One, it's close to our house so we can go more often this year. And even walk over! Two, it's near the zoo so we can visit the zoo more too. And our zoo is cute, small and needs more support from the community. And when I say that, I mean it needs people to be more honest when they go and actually pay the fees. It's on the honor system and I have seen many people just walk on by the money drop box. But maybe with the market there it will help boost the attendance and they can earn more money. I'll post more about Willow Park later. We go a lot and the kids love it.

Second, I sorted through 99% of the kid's clothes and boxed up the stuff that doesn't fit. I have a donation bag of stuff I won't need or don't like for baby #4 (if there ever is a baby #4 and if it's another girl, which it probably will be). Bethany is finally into sized 6-9 month clothing and it works well because there's a lot of summer stuff in that size range. I can't wait to see her in some of these cute half-naked rompers. Cute!! Mercy is in need of some 3T t-shirts and some jean shorts. I'll probably hit it up Kohl's or SMP in the next few weeks. Grace is going to need a whole new wardrobe soon. She's growing so fast. I'm hoping when we have her tonsil's out in the next few months that her nose will stop running so much and maybe everything will stop being covered in boogers.

Honestly, Mike and I need some new clothes too (I type as I am wearing a t-shirt that I got 10 years ago). I own one pair of jeans that are slowly becoming too big and Mike hasn't had new clothes in a long, long time. Kid's have taken priority over us.

Anyway, I got their drawers all organized and cleaned out. I even made a plan for some of the baby gear we have stacking up in the basement to go to my dear friend Jade for her baby due in October. That will help clear out the basement some. Eventually it's going to need to get finished and I don't want to have it filled up with junk that we'll never need. I love that my friends and I have a baby co-op and share our high-priced baby items like bassinet, bouncer, playpens, etc. Really you only use them for a year and then they just sit waiting for the next baby.

So we got all that stuff done. Mike got the sprinkler system up and running. No problems this year! Yippee!! Then he ran to Papa Murphy's for some pizza. Cache Valley Direct savings card saved us 50% off a second pizza and he got a DeLite pizza which tastes great and has less calories than their other pizzas. Yum! I had 2 slices :)

Then we started talking. And realized we DO need a new bed. And we have some money leftover in the budget from last month so we can afford a new bed. Yes, we should use that money for Miss Mercy's tonsils coming out cause that's not cheap, but I think we'll pay what we can and then do a payment plan for the rest, and we should still have it paid off by the end of the year. We headed off to Utah Mattress Outlet.

The kid's drove me nuts. Yes, they climbed on all the mattresses. Parent fail. But thankfully Coke was there and had a trailer set up and was handing out sodas and snacks. They had a bag of goldfish and split a soda (mistake #1) which ended up being spilt on the floor of the store. The guy was nice about it and I think it's cause it didn't get spilt on a mattress.

So we found a mattress we liked. We downgraded to a queen sized bed. From a king. We're nuts. But it gives us more room in our bedroom, and more (less?) room to snuggle (ha ha) and less room for kids to crawl in bed with us (insert evil laughter).

The cool thing about our mattress is it's a memory foam so it came in a box. Yes, our queen-sized mattress was vacuum sealed and we hauled it home in a 24" X 24" X 60" box. (I estimated those measurements, so don't quote me). Not sure what we're doing with our old mattress yet. We had it in the living room and were going to let the girls sleep on it last night, but Bethany can climb up on it, and subsequently onto the couch and then onto the dog's kennel, which is a bad move, so we had to move it to the garage.

We cleaned out under the bed where there was enough cat hair to create another cat. And some moth larva stuff. Eww. They looked like little paper tubes and I guess they're really common and one site I was researching them on said they were probably feeding on the pet hair. So now nothing is under our bed. We had about four flat boxes of books and a tote with my summer short/swimsuits in it. They were  in the boxes too so those got thrown out and now all my Stephen King and Terry Goodkind books are in a huge tote that I need Mike to use his muscles and haul downstairs. We need a plethora of bookshelves and high enough that the kids can't touch. I'm particular about my books.

Our room looks so much bigger. We have plenty of room on each side of the bed that we might re-arrange a little, but probably not. Our bedroom isn't setup for a bed to go any other way because of closets and air vents. Oh well, it works and we do have some more room to move around.

The last thing we did for the day was cook some burgers on the grill. They were so good and Mike makes an amazing roasted potato side dish. That was done on the grill too and we had corn on the cob and leftover cucumber salad. It was delicious. The girls had leftover pizza since they don't like burgers.

Then everyone went to bed. I slept ok, but we bought a waterproof mattress pad and it doesn't let the air circulate well so I was hot. I'm picking up a different one on my way home from work today.

Ok on to the food. Here's my food journal. I went over and it's probably from the Hard Lemonade and I guess I could have eaten one less piece of pizza, but I'm not weighing myself down about it. I feel great and I didn't feel overstuffed yesterday. And I didn't eat a donut at the Farmer's Market meeting so I'm calling it a win!

And if you notice my Google search I was checking the alcohol content in Corona. It's 4.6% abv if you're wondering, and that's only 1/2 a percent more than Utah beer, so it's not that strong. And I tried one and I could drink it if I wanted to. It wasn't that bad. Who knows, maybe one day I'll like beer!

Lastly, Miss Bethany took a few steps on her own!!! About three before she got distracted, but she's almost there. I hope she's walking by the end of the month.

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