Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I've been a BzzAgent slacker lately. I was in a ton of campaigns and life got in the way and I didn't Bzz as much as I should have.

But I'm in a truly awesome campaign right now (three actually, so stay tuned for more posts in the future).

The one I'm currently loving in the good2grow juices with reusable SippaTops. We have used drinks like these in the past, and I can't honestly remember the brand of them. Usually they last a few weeks in our house because we reuse the bottoms. And the tops would be washed in the dishwasher and reused as well.

We haven't had one in our house in a long time.

Until my Bzz pack came in the mail and we got three new SippaTops! Thomas the Train, Sully from Monster's Inc & Ariel. Having 3 girls, this was a good assortment of characters. They drank the juice fast. So fast, in fact, that I never had a chance to really look at it so I could brag about it.

So today, we picked up a refill pack. And a new SippaTop because Mercy saw Cinderella and HAD to have her. Cinderella was on the apple juice flavor and the refills I picked up were strawberry kiwi. They also had a refill pack of apple and tropical fruit medley.


  • There were a ton of different tops from Tinkerbell and friends to superheros and even Keropee frog. 

  • They are 100% juice! I love that there isn't any added sugar, especially no high-fructose corn syrup. 
  • Washable. Even in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning them so much easier. 
  • Spill-proof. My kids never leave drinks sitting upright so it's nice to let them have one and not worry about spills all over my carpet. 

  • The shape of the bottle is nice for little hands to hold. It's "hourglass" shaped so their little hands can grip the middle with ease. 

Not so much love:
  • Really there isn't much. The "Strawberry Kiwi" ingredients are water, apple, carrot & beet juice concentrate, citric acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavor, D-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate (which they say is Vitamin E) and Vitamin A Palmitate. Don't see with Strawberry or Kiwi listed there. Which means it's just flavored like strawberry kiwi. Prob won't go for that flavor again and I'll stick with the apple juice. 
That's about it. Like I said, not so much "not so much love". These help keep my kids hydrated (especially good since summer is sneaking up on us) and I can control what they're drinking. Plus they like it and I'm not giving them sugar laden beverages. 

And how much fun would a birthday party with good2grow drinks be?! You can enter here: for a chance to win. Good luck!!

I received these products for free to try and review because I'm a BzzAgent

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

By the way...

Yes, I know what causes "this". If I didn't, I wouldn't be pregnant again.

No, I'm not getting my tubes tied, or my husband snipped, or anything like that. I don't believe in altering my body because I want or don't want something. Some times what we want isn't what we need.

I don't know if we will have more children. Part of our faith is trusting God knows what we need. He won't give us anything that we can't handle. He may provide challenges that shake us, but in the end we are stronger.

I'm not sure if there are two babies inside of me. If there are, then there are and my heart gets to double again. Every body is different. Telling a woman she is big or must be carrying twins in rude and insensitive. I don't tell you what is wrong or not normal with your body. And if I did, you wouldn't appreciate it. Please respect that.

Birth is natural. We were made to do this. I'm not sick. I don't need a hospital. I need positive energy and support.

I wouldn't change my children for the world. I don't regret them. I don't wish I wasn't pregnant. This is a miracle and I feel blessed every day.

I'm blessed to have a husband who is strong, faithful, moral and kind. He loves me. He loves our children. He supports my decisions and stands by me. He is my warrior. He is my protector. He is my soul mate.

I'm blessed to have three beautiful girls who are inquisitive, smart, funny and kind. They love to explore and learn new things. They make me laugh and light up my life.

I'm blessed to be carrying another child and bringing new life into this work. Baby depends on me to provide a warm, nurturing environment for growth and a loving and welcoming home when he or she is born.

I'm thankful that my life is the one I have. There isn't anything I would change.

I am blessed.

Monday, April 21, 2014

18 weeks

I'm 5 months pregnant already. It's going by quickly. We'll find out if Frankie is short for Frances or Franklin in just 2.5 weeks. Crazy!! Today Frankie is the side of a bell pepper. That seems sooooo big! Very wiggly and moving around a lot. I have felt movement on the outside but it's not frequent and not hard enough for someone else to tell.

I weighed 150.2 lbs today and considering all the candy I ate yesterday, I'm surprised it's not more. Didn't track my food too well last week but it was crazy. Who am I kidding? Every week is crazy, so I can't use that as an excuse.

I did catch up on the Catechism and I'm 40% of the way through it. It's kind of cool because it changed how I perceived church yesterday. Oh church yesterday...Bethany threw up all over Mike. Blech! At Easter Mass, no less. And we keep having kids. Must be crazy.

Had a lady ask me if I knew what causes "that" (Meaning my pregnancy). I said yes, and it's fun. Ha! If I didn't enjoy it, or children, I wouldn't keep having them!!

I'm at 34 of 100 books done for the year. Been listening to Room by Emma Donoghue. It's an interesting book and I'm pretty into it now and want to know how it ends. And I've been cross-stitching a lot. Hooray!

Other than that....we're pretty boring!

Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 16

Ok this has been an interesting week.

And it's only Wednesday!

So on Monday my scale said like 149 or something, but yesterday (midwife day) it was at 148 and at the midwife it was 153 (with shoes & clothes on) which is only a gain of 1 lb since last visit. Janell and I went over my food from the past 3 weeks and I did great on protein but not so great on fruits & veggies. So that's my goal for this month. Keep the protein up but add in healthy fruits & veggies.

So today I made this:

Peaches & cream oatmeal with fresh mango.  This is AMAZING. And took less than 10 min to make. I added a drizzle of honey but I could have left that off cause it's sweet enough without it. I used greek yogurt (peach flavored) so I added extra protein and I have fresh fruit on it and mixed it. 

We (me, Mercy & Bethy) got to hear baby's heartbeat yesterday. It was fluctuating between 134-140. That's the lowest heartbeat of all the kids. Starting to think it's a boy. Starting to think I ovulated early and all my science with why it's a girl is going out the window. But we won't know for sure until next month. They faxed over the order for my ultrasound and I just need to call and schedule it. I will probably do it the first week of May since I'll be 20 weeks at that point.

As fas as books go I finished the audio book which was cool. Listening to it in the car to drive down to Layton was awesome. I will be doing that again. Also finished a Grisham book and now I'm reading Spiritual Midwifery which is an inter-library loan so I have to power though it. Pretty easy to do. I'm at 30 of 100 books for this year's challenge. 4 books ahead of schedule.

Catechism I am on day 93 and about 30 days behind still but I've been reading a few days worth each day.

And I've been doing the cross stitch for Bethy while I listen to an audio book so kind of killing two birds with one stone. 

Had to fix the garage door today which was unexpected and next week the Impala is getting the water pump replaced. Boo. But the birthing center is fully paid for! 

Lastly, here's a selfie of me at 16 wks. Enjoy!