Monday, March 10, 2014

12 Weeks

Baby Dicus (Probably Baby Frankie) is 12 weeks now. Baby is the size of a lime! A LIME! Crazy to think she's so big (I'm just assuming it's a girl).  Only 28 left to go, which really isn't a lot. Tomorrow is my first midwife appointment and I'll get to hear the heartbeat. I'm excited! I feel like I popped the other day and now I have a belly. In fact, a really drunk guy at work asked me what I'm having. So I officially look pregnant, and not just fat. Almost at 4 months, which is crazy that it's going this fast. But I feel great, other than a stomach bug a few weeks ago and a few vision/migraine probs. Going to talk to midwife about it tomorrow. Update on my goals for this year...

1) - Save, save, save. I need to have $6,000 - $8,000 saved up by September.  If we work hard and stick to a budget (that's hard for us!) we can do it. We're at $1000 right now, so only $5-$7k to go. Completely done! We have money for baby & for maternity leave saved. But not stopping there. It'd be nice to save enough to pay off the Line of Credit after baby is here. We have a great budget for March and we aren't going out to eat at all for Lent, so that should help.

2) Not gain too much. I'm on maintenance mode. I just weighed myself: 146. With clothes on. And after breakfast. But the good news is, I'm less than I weighed when I got pregnant with all 3 other kids. So that's a good sign. And I was around 140-144 when I got pregnant this time. Not bad for 3 months down. I gave up sweets for Lent so that should help. I hope!

3) Stay organized. Bills are organized, kid's rooms are organized, basement Keep it this way Getting there. Basement is looking better now that I got some yardsale stuff out of there. I'm waiting for nicer weather to do more.

4) Sell a lot of stuff like Nintendo stuff, foosball table, etc. I have sold about 12-14 games and I have made about $500! It's awesome! 

5) Get the garden going really good this year. We have started in the house and have some sprouts! Mike bought a grow-light and we're going to get the sprouts under there and keep them going. So far we have peanuts (yup, peanuts!!) and jalapenos. But we also have bell peppers and strawberries working. Oh and marigolds. Blech. We're going to grow lettuce in a hydroponics setup this year and try that out. But it's still early and even though it's in the 50s lately, I know there is a ton of snow still to come. 

6) Can LOTS of apricots. And salsa. And pickles. Obviously I can't do this yet, but I will. I'm excited!

7) Read 100 books. I've already done 4. And it's only the 13th. I'm at 18 so far, and ahead of schedule. I've been reading some birthing books (Business of Baby is great, I recommend). And I won a prize with the Winter Reading Program and library and signed up for Spring Reading Program. 

8) Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Another thing I'm doing for Lent is catching up on this. Slowly, I'm getting there. I'm about 50 days behind schedule so I need to do about extra days each day. I'm on Day 36 today. I should be at Day 92. My goal this week is to read Day 60 by next Monday.

9)  Spend more time with my kids instead of near my kids Going good. We have played a lot of Legos. And puzzles. And I know every song on every episode of Bubble Guppies. Oh, and it's been nice out so lots of time on the play set. 

10) Bethany's cross stitch  It's started! I can't do it when she's awake though cause I don't want it to get ruined. 

Good start to the year so far!

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