Monday, January 13, 2014

Kroger Gift Cards

I LOVE Smith's. Seriously. If I run into someone and they're talking about groceries or something to that sort, I will jump in and tell them to shop at Smith's. And at the holidays it's even better! Why, you may ask? Because of 4x Fuel Points!

What are Fuel Points?

Ok so here's how this works. You shop at Smiths (or Kroger's or another store owned by Kroger) and for every $1 you spend, you earn 1 Fuel Point. Then, after you get a bunch, you can save money at a Kroger fuel station. For every 100 points, you save 10 cents per gallon. This works up until 1000 points of $1.00 off per gallon. I have about a 14 gallon tank so if I go till the light is on in my car, and I have 1000 points, I can save $14 on a fill up! And let's face it, I usually go until the light is on, and then some. You know how it is.

Points only last 1 month and you can't combine month, which sometimes sucks, but it's still saving money. This holiday season was the first time I have earned enough for $1 off at the tank.

Ok let's do some math. I know, it's early, but math is important, right? If you earn enough for $1 off at the fuel center, that means you have spent $1000 at Smiths. Our grocery budget isn't even close to that for the month. But this time of year you can earn 4 TIMES the points when you purchase giftcards.

Giftcards are the gifts that you give to the people who have everything. And if you buy a $25 giftcard from Smith's, you earn 100 fuel points! But what's cool is even during the rest of the year, all giftcards still earn you 2x the fuel points! So birthdays, anniversaries, etc, all can earn you some savings at the pump.

This year I was sneaky. I knew one of the gifts I was buying my daughter was only found at Target. We don't have a Target near my house cause this down is silly, but there is one about an hour away. I purchased a $50 Target giftcard to take with me and then use at Target for my daughter's gifts. I also got my husband a $50 Home Depot giftcard since he's one of those "hard to shop for" type of guys. That earned me 400 fuel points! 

This December I was able to fill my tank 2x and save $1.00 off per gallon each time. And I got most of my shopping done at Smith's as well (I love, love, LOVE Marketplace!)

And don't worry about finding the place you need. They have cards for EVERYTHING! Not only did I get a Target and Home Depot card, I also got a Bed, Bath & Beyond card and a 3 pack of $10 iTunes! I have been giving Grace a card when she does something awesome, like clean her room without being asked. All 3rd party cards will earn you points.

What this means is, you can't buy a Smith's card and get points and then turn around and shop and earn points again. No being sneaky! 

I am not affiliated with Smith's. I received coupons to try and review because I'm a BzzAgent.

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