Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Took a week off of work. Wanted to "clean the whole house". Got the girl's room done. And my room. And organized my old Nintendo stuff so it's easier to sell. Didn't get much else done.
Bought a van! We are now the proud owner of a 1995 Pontiac Trans Sport. It's classy. And super sexy. Mike looks awesome driving it.
Went grocery shopping this week and only spent $84. I'm going to try and post my grocery deals that I do each week. More to keep me motivated to stay on our grocery budget. We struggle with that.
It's going to be a Swagbucks Christmas! I'm back on the bandwagon and I need to earn some swagbucks. Don't know what that is? Sign up here and check it out.
Mercy informed me this week that she's done growing up so now she can say bad words. Then she says "shit". I fear for 10 years from now.
I have a fooseball table for sale. It's only $50. It has billiards, ping pong and air hockey too. Leave me a comment on here or email me if you want it. I don't deliver.
It's inversion time of year. This makes me feel like I'm living in a cloud. A smelly, dirty cloud. Not too fun.

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