Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Goal Update

So January isn't even over yet....

1) - Save, save, save. I need to have $6,000 - $8,000 saved up by September.  If we work hard and stick to a budget (that's hard for us!) we can do it. We're at $1000 right now, so only $5-$7k to go.
DONE! As soon as I file our tax return this week and we get our money back, we will have $7000 in the bank in addition to our $1k emergency fund. DAMN! Thank goodness for tax returns (which is really our money, I know, I know) and for work bonuses :)

2) Not gain too much. I'm on maintenance mode.

3) Stay organized. Bills are organized, kid's rooms are organized, basement is....eh. Keep it this way

4) Sell a lot of stuff like Nintendo stuff, foosball table, etc. Halfway there. Sold the foosball table last week. Slowly getting Nintendo games on Amazon and so far I've sold 2! 

5) Get the garden going really good this year.

6) Can LOTS of apricots. And salsa. And pickles.

7) Read 100 books. I've already done 4. And it's only the 13th.

8) Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

9)  Spend more time with my kids instead of near my kids

10) Bethany's cross-stitch birth announcement. Yup, still need to do that. 

I feel really, really good about this year. Really good.

And we just bought a new dishwasher cause ours was old and dingy and broken. Found a scratch n' dent at Darrell's Appliance for half off and it's stainless steel. Also, Mike's computer blew up (thanks to the kids) and we needed to buy a new power supply unit and that is also purchased. Just need to buy a battery for the van. /sigh. Left an interior light on and it killed the battery. Such is life. 

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