Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Mayhem

I have some pics of Halloween. Somewhere. I'll post them.

This week is kinda back to normal as far as scheduling goes. Grace was sick this weekend, but well enough to go to school today. I hope no one else in the family catches what she had.

Today I'm getting my car's safety inspection (required by Utah to re-register your vehicle). I hope it passes. I REALLY hope it passes. But if not, we have some wiggle room in the budget to fix stuff.

Mike has an eye doctor appointment too. He needs new glasses. And contacts. Grace needs to get her eyes checked. With parents like me and Mike, our kids will probably all need glasses. Poor kids.

Oh and I get to vote tomorrow. :) I love voting. It's for the city mayor and city council. And a school bond that would raise our taxes. Usually what I vote for doesn't pass. Maybe this year it well. Doesn't stop me from voting though.

Monday - Hot dogs w/tater tots
Tuesday - Grilled chicken, mashed red potatoes & cooked carrots
Wednesday - Fish sticks w/mac n' cheese
Thursday - BLTs and soup
Friday - Frozen pizza
Saturday - Chicken drumsticks w/butter noodles
Sunday - ummmm

I'm really, really tempted just to take the Halloween candy to work and give it away. Too much sugar in our house and my kids are asking for it at, well now. It's 8:50 in the morning. Lord, give me strength!

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