Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I heart Comforts for Baby

Ok first of all, that baby is DAMN cute. Not as cute as mine, but still. And my "Official BzzGuide" pamphlet has been sitting on my bulletin board for a few weeks with that cute face staring at me. Finally, a BzzCampaign that I can blog about and I keep putting it off. But no more! I'm on a blogging kick and since it's easier to Bzz about stuff you love, and use anyway, I need to get this post done and published.
Second of all (cause I have to have a second, if I have a first, right Mike?) being a Bzz Agent rocks. Don't know what that is? Well head on over to BzzAgent and check it out. I'm so glad I did 2 years ago and I've been in some AMAZING campaigns. But probably my favorite ones are anything that has to do with Kroger. So in a nutshell, become a BzzAgent, fill out some surveys that take like 5 min to do and before long you'll be invited to a campaign where they send you FREE stuff to try. Then you just need to talk about it. And it's way easier to do when you get to try stuff you already love.
Like Comforts for Baby. I stumbled upon them when Mercy was a baby. It's basically Kroger's store-brand. It's affordable and they WORK. Having three kids means I know diapers. And wipes. And all the other baby stuff you have to have. Truthfully, I'd rather cloth diaper. The older I get (and the more kids I have) the more "granola" I become, but Mike doesn't want to deal with shakin' out poops into the potty, so disposable diapers it is.
Grace had Pampers...and some Huggies. And maybe Luvs. I can't remember, she's almost 7 for cryin' out loud. But the point is, we've tried them all. And guess what. Huggies leak. Every time. Blow-out city. Pampers are great for newborns. The Swaddlers are awesome. Take em' or leave em'. Huggies wipes are the best. Well....were the best. Until I tried Comforts.
Hands-down - I will never buy a name-brand diaper or wipe again. There is no need. Well, except for Newborn size. Comforts doesn't have a newborn size (Ahem, Kroger...please get on this!)
Comforts diapers are affordable, effective and I feel good knowing I don't have blow-outs of both the diaper variety and wallet. The wipes have 2 different types that compare to either Pampers or Huggies. Personally, I like the thicker wipe, which is more like Huggies.
They also have a boatload of package sizes. Since we're nowhere near potty-training Bethany, I usually buy the box of diapers which has about 150 diapers. She's in size 3 right now, but we put her to sleep in size 4 since there's more absorbency.

Mercy is about 95% potty trained. She does pretty well during the day, but does wet the bed at night. Comfort's Training Pants come to our rescue. I love that she can pull them on easily and they are SUPER absorbent for those nights when she's had too much to drink before bed. And the design is pretty cute too.
The wipes also have a ton of packaging options. We usually buy 1 or 2 refillable bins and then the refill packs. If you buy the larger boxes, the refill packs are re-sealable so we can stash one in the car, or stroller, without the huge bin or worrying about them drying out.
Another thing I love about the diapers & wipes: they're usually on sale. The large boxes of diapers are around $20 each (15 cents a diaper), and I get coupons that I can either load to my Smith's card or paper coupons to hand in. Perks of constantly shopping at Smith's. The other day when I shopped, the wipes were on sale for 2 for $9 for packs of 216 wipes. That's 2 cents a wipe. And we use wipes for more than just the baby's bottom. They clean hands, faces, etc.
We also bought Comforts formula when I had to quit breastfeeding. We preferred the Sensitivity formula because it was low-lactose and didn't have soy. We kept Bethany on it until she was 1 and then gradually switched to whole milk.

Another thing we loved for Bethany was the food. I wish they had a line of jarred baby food. They don't, but they do have the snacks that compare to Gerber. Everything from crunchers to puffed rice snacks. These were one of Bethany's favorites:

And Mercy's. And Grace's. And the dog's if we weren't watching.

So long story short: COMFORTS ROCKS! Honestly. The only thing I'd change is the little lightening bug all over the diaper. They used to be all white with the little design on the top but changed it. It's not that bad, and definitely not a deal-breaker. But if Bethany is in a light colored outfit (like for Easter), the design shows through. I've mentioned it on Comforts FB page and it's really not THAT big of a deal, just something I noticed.

But really, this campaign is my favorite (and it's the second time I've been in a Comforts for Baby campaign!) And I tell everyone I can about Comforts (I've even stopped people in the store who looked like they were comparing them). And I've given out diapers from my purse to friends who had never tried them. And probably embarrassed my kids and husband in the process. Oops :)

#GotItFree - Diapers, Wipes & Lotion were free because I'm a BzzAgent. Rest of the stuff I paid money for cause I love Comforts for Baby!

I received these products for free to try and review because I'm a BzzAgent.
P.S. - See that blue sippy cup on the left. That's a Comforts for Baby sippy cup. From the last Comforts campaign I did. It's Mercy's FAVORITE cup. And she can't say "sippy cup" so it's really her blue "Yippy Tup". Which reminds me, Bethy is entering sippy cup phase so we'll have to go buy some more!


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