Sunday, November 17, 2013

Comforts AGAIN

Seriously, I can't get enough of this brand. And I got to try some other new products thanks to BzzAgent.

We'd already been buying the diapers, wipes, training pants and food for a while. With the campaign that I'm currently in, I also got to try the soap or shampoo & lotion. I had stocked up on some Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe a while ago and I'm finally nearing the last bottle of that so I was excited to get to try the Comfort's version for free.

First off: LOVE THE PUMP! If you've had a squiggly, wiggly baby in a bathtub, then you know what it's like to try and get soap on your hands while keeping the baby from slipping under the water. Comfort's Baby Wash has a pump top, so with one hand I can steady the baby and with the other I can pump some soap. It also helps with portion control so we're not accidentally squeezing out too much (has happened....very messy). We will be refilling this bottle with more baby soap/wash.

Second, it's tear free. This is a must. I love that my bald babies can be washed from head to toe with one soap and that usually means some soap on the face. But never a tear with tear-free soap!

It's also hypoallergenic. When we were having skin problems with Mercy a few years ago, we couldn't even use Johnson & Johnson stuff on her. She's break out in a rash and hives and it was no fun for anyone. I've noticed it a little with Bethy sometimes, but this baby wash didn't leave a mark on her!

After bathtime it's usually bedtime. Bethy is in crank-mode lately. I blame the last tooth (number 16!). And I think she might be afraid of the dark. A nightlight in her room seems to help. And Mercy's purple puppy that plays music. And Comforts for Baby nighttime lotion! The sweet smell of lavender helps calm everyone in the family down. It's not greasy or oily and it rubs in really well. And the whole room then smells like lavender, which isn't a bad thing.

Another thing to note about both the body wash and the lotion is that they're paraben free. (Enter blank stare when you look at the word paraben.) That's what I did. So then I started googling it. Basically, parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, etc. They mimic other hormones in the body, such as estrogen. There has been studies linking parabens to cancer and fertility problems.

Here is one short article about parabens on I think the biggest concern to me is the fact that is puts artifical estrogen into your body. Since I practice Natural Family Planning and I'm charting my biological signs of fertility, I could see how artificial estrogen could screw things up. That could lead to baby #4 if we weren't careful. But, hey, at least we could keep buying supplies for cheap, thanks to Comforts :)

But more and more things I'm reading show that parabens have a relationship to infertility in both males and females. So it's best to just stay away. Thankfully Comforts for Baby is helping us do that.

And now for some cute Bethy pictures! Notice the Comforts for Baby on her bum!

Made it to the top!

And she's using the wipes container to get a leg up. 

Thankfully I stopped her before she toppled over the back of the chair.
I received these products to try and review for free because I'm a BzzAgent!

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