Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Mayhem

Ok last week was not crazy. Other than my stupid banking moment where I freaked out, thinking I hadn't scheduled a truck payment, so I scheduled one to come out. And it did. And I already had scheduled one. So we made 2 truck payments this month. Which normally is cool and helps drop the payment and it was almost all applied to principle....but...instacare also cashed a check that they weren't supposed to cash. And I had to make an IHC payment for an ER visit for Mercy (same day as instacare visit which is why instacare wasn't supposed to cash the check.) That doc made it be a "no-charge" visit.  Not sure why they decided to cash it 2 weeks later, but they did. And now we have a credit on the account and they're going to send me a check, but probably not till next week.

**Side Note** - So at the end of September, Mercy was jumping on the couch and long story short, ended up needing some stitches. In a very sensitive area. Instacare sent us to the ER so she could be sedated when stitches were put in, instead of just a local anesthetic. She's one tough cookie. When they put in the IV, she just looked at the nurse was then said "I got a bandaid!" But now we have that payment (no insurance...not till Oct 31). Thankfully we have a zero interest payment plan, but we had to break it up into 4 payments and I had to make the first payment that day. Which wasn't planned in the budget. 

My little Mercy and Titus. She found him and dragged him to the couch. 

So Friday was a long day and my checking account was mad at me, but thankfully we have still have a little in our emergency fund. And thankfully both of us get paid on Friday. Hooray!! But the downside is we have no money for a grocery shopping trip this week until our checks go in. I had about $20 from tips this weekend so we could get some essentials: milk, bread, etc. So here's our meal plan....

Monday: Grilled Cheese & french fries
Tuesday: Spaghetti & meatballs
Wednesday: Enchiladas with slow-cooker refried beans (never made them, hope they don't suck!)
Thursday: ..... ugh? Good question? Maybe leftovers. Maybe grilled chicken? It's on sale this week.
Friday: My parents will be here, and my mom promised Mike a "home cooked meal" so I'm leaving that up to her.
Saturday: this point we'll have money, so I'll get something then. Maybe loaded baked potato soup in bread bowls?
Sunday: Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Here's what adds on to that.

Monday: Parent Teacher Conference at 3:00. I'm teaching a SMART card class at 5:00 if anyone shows and I hope someone shows. Plus I'm working from 10-8 so busy, busy, busy.
Tuesday: I work 10-8 AND our owner is here. AND our compliance officer from the DABC will be at work to make sure we're complying and since I teach the SMART card class, there's no excuses for us not to be complying. And it's a half day at school for Grace, but thankfully Mike is picking her up.
Wednesday: Our 9 year anniversary! Wow, 9 years! What are we doing? Hanging out at home with our kids and eating enchiladas. Nice. And I'm having coffee with a friend in the morning. I need to see if coming to my house is an option. No school today, so Grace will be home all day.
Thursday: The plan is to go visit Jade and baby James. I do need to try and grocery shop in the morning. My payday is Friday, but my direct deposit goes through a day early, usually. Hooray! It's also Mike's Grandma's birthday and I might try and visit her. We haven't seen her for a while. Maybe 2 years. She's never seen Bethany. It might be nice to surprise her and let her see her great-grandkids. But it just depends on how crazy I feel after driving 2 hours to Lehi that morning.
That night my parents will roll in from hunting. Not sure on what time they'll be here, but looking forward to it.
Friday: No school again (fall break) and since my parents will be here, and since I have to work from 11-9, they're going to spend the day with my kids! Hooray! The kids are stoked to have Grammy & Pappy babysit and I'm stoked to not have to worry about daycare that day.
Saturday - I'm closing and thankfully Mike's not on call so hopefully he has a relaxing day at home.
Sunday - Mercy's Birthday! She'll be 3. OMG, she'll be 3!!! I gotta make a pink cake. That's what she wants. Pink. And mac 'n cheese cause that's what she wants all the time. I'm not working, which is nice, and after church, we just plan on spending the day with our little Mercy!

Phew. Long, long week. And now it's time to start it, so wish me luck!

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