Monday, April 29, 2013

Food Journal Day 4

Ugh, long, emotional work day. My boss is back from a month of medical leave and I'm so glad. It's been a long stressful month and I'm glad to go back to my own duties. But work was also long and I didn't remember to take a snack with me. And I didn't have a chance to eat anything until about 9:00 at night. Not the best plan, but I didn't snack on gelato so it's a win. I should have eaten more for lunch though and MFP yelled at me for it too.

I should have had a granola bar or something but I didn't. And I did sneak on the scale this morning too. Bad me. But I'm at 165!! Down 5 lbs since Wednesday! I just need to keep it up and keep drinking my water!!

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