Sunday, April 28, 2013

Food Journal Day 3

Ugh, it was a rough day. Was at work by 8:00 to help set up the gelato machine for a Chamber event at the mall. Only down side to that is hauling everything in. It's HEAVY. I guess it's a workout and I didn't log anything for the day because I'm not really sure what it'd count as. Food-wise, work was ok. I wasn't hungry until right before I ate my lunch (at around 4:00) and I'm hooked on our BBQ chicken breast.

Dinner was my downfall. Mike made chicken & broccoli alfredo with garlic bread. I think I did ok with  the garlic bread because I only had 2 smaller-sized pieces. I should have stopped with the pasta after 1 plate, but I had another one and it was a little larger than the first plate. According to my food journal, it's like 1000 calories. Ugh. But the scale was still my friend today, and it's just one day. And I didn't snack on anything else after that.

Yikes! If every day was like yesterday then I'd be up in weight. Fortunately I don't have pasta every day. Honestly, I didn't think about how bad pasta actually is for you, especially when you add a creamy sauce.

Tonight I'm closing so BBQ chicken most likely, although maybe I'll do a cajun one instead. We'll see. And I have been having veggies with it, but I should do a salad instead. The family is having enchiladas. Mmmmm. Wish I wasn't working.

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