Friday, April 26, 2013

Food Journal Day 1

We'll see how well I do at actually keeping a food journal, let alone posting it.

This is yesterday. Hind site is 20-20 right? I'd have had a better lunch and less junky stuff at dinner, but that's what's cool about a diet. Today is a new day.  I also had some yellow fruit snacks cause Mercy hates the yellow ones. And a few Chocolate Frosted Flakes cause out of habit, I sneak one whenever I pour the kids some cereal. We also went on a walk yesterday to take a paper to Mike's truck. Probably about 30 minutes and I was pushing the stroller. Grace hopped on for a part of the ride, which gives me more resistance. I blame the walk on the ACE cause when I went over to get Grace from school, I had so much energy and I just wanted to move! We were going to go back over to school after dinner so she could run a lap and practice for the Wildcat Run, but she threw up after dinner so I said no running. She says it's cause she ate too much dinner. Who knows. We had burgers and she hates them, but ate most of one anyway so she may have made herself sick. 

This part of my food journal makes me smile. Mostly cause it says in 5 weeks I'll lose 4 lbs. I snuck on the scale this morning and was at 168.2 :) Down 2 lbs in 1 day. I know that's not super healthy, and it's probably mostly water weight, but it's also the ACE. 

AND I started reading "Wheat Belly" last night. I'm probably going to slowly start eliminating wheat from my diet. That's going to be hard, but hopefully I can read this book quickly and it can help me do it. 

Ok time to start the day. Kids are up and ready to get ready to go! Wish me luck on day 2!!

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