Monday, March 18, 2013

Kroger CARBmaster & Greek Yogurts

My family loves yogurt. Or at least they all tell me they do. I would buy yogurt every week at Smith's and a lot of times it would end up getting thrown out because it had expired. I'd eat one every now and again, but Mike barely did. And the kids would say they'd want one but open it and then eat two bites and it would get thrown away. You have all seen the commercials for Yoplait Light and how it can help you lose weight, right? I fell for that too. But have you ever looked at the ingredients? It has aspertame in it which not only tastes gross, but isn't that good for you either. Yes, yogurt is a great choice when you want to lose weight and eat healthy, but you have to choose the right kind! 

I have been a faithful Smith's shopper for the last 4 years and I have grown to love the Kroger store brand items. Most are just as good, if not better, than the name brand. So when I was invited to join the Good For You campaign on BzzAgent, I was stoked! I had seen the CARBmaster yogurts in the store before, but I usually purchased the Kroger blended or fruit on the bottom varieties of yogurt. Truthfully the CARBmaster ones kind of scared me with the "CARB" part of it. I imagined aspertame-tasting yogurt. And I have been leaning more towards Greek yogurts lately too. But I vowed to get some and try them.

Mike got to the CARBmaster ones before me. He was hooked! I bought 4 the first week and the next time I went shopping he asked for more. I was hooked on the Greek yogurts I kept buying. Tangy and thick and oh so good! Honestly I just tried the CARBmaster for the first time right now. It was good but I think I'll stick to my Greek yogurt. 

Here's me and Mercy's head, holding up my Key Lime Pie CARBmaster.

Don't get me wrong, it tastes good. This one in particular tastes exactly like the inside of a key lime pie. Mmmm. But, I'm so used to Greek yogurt, that it was hard for me to eat more than a bite so I gave it to Mercy. Her opinion?

She's a fan. Plus she likes to watch herself on the computer. Silly kid. But this is something I'll continue to purchase because my husband loves it. There's a ton of varieties: Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry, Key Lime Pie, Spiced Pear, White Chocolate Raspberry, Strawberry Banana and Peach just to name a few. Mike's been trying a low-carb diet right now, and has been cutting out gluten from his meals. This makes a great thing to pop in his lunch. 

I also got to try Greek yogurts by Kroger too. The Lite versions contain neotame, which is essentially aspertame and I could taste the super-fake sweetness in them, so not a fan. But the original versions are awesome! The first time I shopped I only found vanilla, strawberry and plain varieties. I'm not so sure about the plain type yet, so I skipped that and bought the strawberry and vanilla. I happened to have a regular Kroger strawberry yogurt in the house so my daughters and I taste tested the difference.

Just looking at the packaging and the Greek one looks better and more appetizing.

At first glance, not much difference. But if you look closely, the Greek yogurt has a lighter color to it. It's colored with black carrot juice instead of artificial coloring, ie. Red 40. I know that some people don't like to ingest artificial coloring, so the natural food dyes rock!

Once we stuck our spoons in you could really tell the difference. The Greek yogurt is much thicker. I prefer a thicker yogurt because I think it's more of a treat to eat!

Grace trying out the Greek strawberry yogurt. She ate a few bites, but Greek yogurt tends to have a "chalky" taste to it. 

She preferred the regular kind. But since she only eats about half a container anyway, she can just share some of Mike's instead. The perk of my kid's not liking my yogurt? They won't eat it all. 

Last week when I was shopping I found cherry and blueberry Greek yogurt. Oddly enough, it wasn't next to the other ones, but in a different door. And they were on sale for $.69 each! Score! And the cherry flavor is my absolute fave! 

I think I might have to brand out and try the plain variety soon. One of the blogs I follow had this amazing post about yogurt toppings! You can check out Roni's post here. She's an amazing inspiration to eat healthy and stay fit. And she has some great recipes at her other website here

I received these products for free to try and review because I'm a BzzAgent

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