Saturday, March 2, 2013

Debt Countdown plus Baby B

What a change baby #3 makes! We had enough tax return to not only pay off my car, but we also caught up on all hospital bills, including her delivery! So we own her now!! According to my mom, this means we need to get started on baby #4, but I don't think that's in our near future. That means a new vehicle and we're not quite ready to tackle that yet. Next on the plan of attack is our Line of Credit and I'm hoping that will take us less than a year to knock out. Wish us luck!

In other news Bethany is 7 months old! Ahhhh! When did she grow so much? She little stinker is now working on solid foods (so far sweet potatoes and bananas go ok, everything else not so much. Doesn't really eat the Gerber stuff. Mostly been doing homemade stuff). She LOVES the puffs that are easy for her to grab and shove in her mouth. And she LOVES the bottle. I'm still nursing and pumping at work, but my supply isn't where it needs to be so we supplement with formula too. Trying a low-lactose right now cause I think she has the same sensitivity to milk that Mercy did. It's all trial and error.

Bethany is also sleeping in her own crib now but sharing a room with Mercy. So far that hasn't gone too bad, but Mercy does like to climb into the crib with Bethany. She used to be a binky baby, but I think she's getting over that. Tends to spit it out instead of sucking on it. And although she hasn't slept through the night yet, I think we're close. Last night she only got up once!

And the big news with her is that she's crawling and pulling herself up to standing! I've even seen her try and cruise around objects while holding on. Walking is close, I fear. What's with these darn babies growing up to quickly!  And she has FIVE teeth now too! Top two "fangs" and 3 on the bottom. Which means she's biting. Ugh. Thankfully not too often.

Here's a few pics of our little sweet pea!

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