Sunday, September 9, 2012

Progresso Recipe Starter

As a member of BzzAgent I get some awesome things to try! I recently got invited to the Progresso Recipe Starter campaign and was excited to try it out. Today was supposed to be a whole chicken made in our slow cooker but Smith's was out of whole chickens so we had to make a change up. I decided to use some frozen chicken breasts and try the recipe that came on the can of Fire Roasted Tomato which was for Chicken Parmesan. Here's the ingredients we needed, which thankfully we had on hand.

I was going to be the one to cook but Bethany was fussy (BTW we had baby #3 since I last posted) so Mike ended up cooking for us. I had made some homemade breadsticks that were headed into the oven so Mike got to work. It took him about 20-30 minutes to finish the meal and it was smelling great the entire time he was cooking. He did comment that the directions didn't call for him to season the chicken before breading it. We were a little worried about that, but the chicken turned out AMAZING!

This is how it turned out. The chicken was very tender and flavorful. The sauce was slightly sweet but not overwhelming. I did notice that there was some oil sitting on the top. I'm not sure if it separated from the sauce or was leftover from cooking the chicken. 

Mike and I loved it and would definitely make it again. Grace ate the chicken but didn't like the sauce on the noodles. She's more of a "butter noodle" girl anyway. Mercy didn't eat...of course. But she's going through a phase so we expect that. 

Overall, great product. I'm curious to see the cost of the items in the store. I do know it was on sale this last week at Smith's and since it was part of a $5 of 10 mega event, it will probably be on sale again this week. I did see some coupons for it in this Sunday's paper so maybe we'll have to check out some other flavors. 

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