Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glade Expressions Collection

Well I'm thankful that BzzAgent is getting me back to blogging. I was lucky to be accepted into the Glade Expressions BzzCampaign and got my BzzKit in the mail the other day. Inside was a bunch of coupons. One was for a free Oil Diffuser and the other for a free Fragrance Mist. Plus a ton of coupons for $$ off for me to share with friends! I hit up Smith's last night and picked up my goodies.

First of all, there was a guy at Smith's stocking the shelves in the air freshener aisle so he helped me find the two different items. The Oil Diffuser had 2 fragrances to choose from: Pineapple & Mangosteen (which he said was a citrus something or another - usually added to orange juice. Not sure how he knew). The other was Lavender & Juniper Berry. Grace was with me and after smelling both, we decided on the Pineapple & Mangosteen which from the sample smell was sweet & juicy smelling.

The Fragrance Mist had all 4 scents available, the other two being Cotton & Italian Mandarin and Fuji Apple & Cardamon Spice. I really like the "fresh" smelling things (think "clean laundry" and "new car") and since I didn't want to spray them in the store, I went with the Cotton & Italian Mandarin.

The Oil Diffuser at regular price was $8.49 and says it lasts a month. The Fragrance Spray at regular price was $4.29. Now we're Scentsy people, so I hardly have air fresheners in the house. We do have some aerosol sprays down near the cat's litter box, but usually we're rocking the Scentsy at home. I think the cost of both of these is high and unless I had coupons that made it pretty close to free, I probably wouldn't purchase either item.

BUT ... to my surprise a Catalina coupon printed out for both items at the checkstand! I got a $1 off and a $2 off my next shopping trip from Glade Expressions. Surprise! So if anyone wants a coupon ($4/1 Diffuser or $2/1 Mist) it's a pretty good deal right now. 

Here's what we got:

I opened the Oil Diffuser first and my first thought was that it was pretty flimsy. It has fake bamboo panels that have decorative designs cut out. They slip into a black base but if knocked over they can fall out pretty easily. The oil is in a sealed container and you snap the diffuser panel into the oil to activate. I did that and put it up in our bedroom to see how it would work.

When I woke up this morning, I could faintly smell the fragrance. Sweet, almost mouth-watering, it was subtle, but there. I like that it was subtle a lot because the scent wasn't overpowering. I decided to move it to our entryway since our litter box is downstairs and sometimes you can smell it when you walk in the house. We have two Chinese guardian lions from Mike's mom that are on a weird ledge in our entry and the diffuser looks great next to them. I can still smell the scent. I will be interested to see how long the scent lasts since it's in an larger area than our bedroom. But it looks great! Here's a pic:

Ok now onto the Fragrance Mist. So our poor Mercy has had some tummy troubles over the past year. She'll get a bout of diarrhea and it's BAD. I got up with the baby this morning at 5:00 (she had a blow-out) and went into Mercy's room for a new set of jammies when I smelled it. The diarrhea is back. Poor Mercy was sleeping with a soggy, overflowing diaper. So I woke her and changed her. I had to change her jammies and take her Lovey out of the crib cause she had been pooped on :( I put Mercy back down and went downstairs with the garbage bag (cause there was no way that could stay in there). Of course Mercy is now wide awake (bring on 2nd cup of coffee!) Mike went in to check on her and her room was still sooooo stinky. Turns out, she had leaked BAD onto her other jammies and I should have taken the hamper out too. Oops. But Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist to the rescue! I sprayed some around the room and the smell was gone! 

Later that day I went back up to remake the beds and her room still smells great! The Cotton & Italian Mandarin is crisp and refreshing smelling. 

And best of all, I have a happy Mercy!

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