Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Real Salt Lake Soccer

Mike's boss had some extra tickets for a Real Salt Lake soccer game, so we invited his dad and headed down on Saturday. The seats were AMAZING. Almost midfield and row K which is the 11th row. We had a blast and the girls were pretty good too. At the end there were fireworks for Pioneer Day which is a silly Utah holiday that celebrates when the Mormons landed in Utah. That's a story for a different day. Anyway, here's some pics. Mike's dad and Mercy:
The fans on the other side of the stadium were passing this banner around the stadium:
Start of the second half. At this time the score was 0-0. At the end of the game it was 4-0 and RSL won!!
Grace is just chillin'.
Mercy fell asleep for a while. Yippee!!
We had a blast and will most likely go see another game later on (hopefully). Mega thanks to Mike's boss!

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