Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Menu 7/20-7/26 & notes from last week's menu.

Last week's meals changed up a little because we had to go to a wedding reception. But let me tell you the turn out:

Thurday's Crunchy Chicken called for Ritz crackers and my smart self was thinking Saltines, so I knew I had those so I didn't get any Ritz. Soooooo we used crushed up Parmesan Goldfish crackers instead. O.M.G. that was amazing.

Saturday's Orange Ginger Chicken we didn't make, which was fine cause I didn't buy enough chicken (d'oh) and I couldn't find any ginger. But this was the night of the wedding party, so it all worked out in the end. The party had a chocolate fountain... /drool

Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry was good. I have honestly never had it before and was a little scared. Found out I don't like water-chestnuts. But I did like the sauce and the beef was season amazingly. Go Mike!

Oh and we swapped Sunday & Monday's meals cause the Mexican Lasagna called for enchilada sauce and I make my own and I didn't have time Sunday before work. So I cooked the beef and made the sauce Monday morning and Mike had the lasagna waiting for me when I got home last night. Even Grace ate some...well, kind of. She has this obsession with sour cream so she was pretty stoked that she got to dip the stuff in the sour cream. But it was AMAZING!! Definitely a repeat recipe.

Tonight is Beefy Noodle Casserole which is like Hamburger Helper but homemade. But since I have like 50 bajillion boxes of Hamburger Helper, maybe Mike will just make that. I'm off at 8, so I guess I'll be surprised.

So on to this week's plan:
Wednesday: Hot Dogs & Soup (I'm closing on Wednesday's now so probably will do my shopping on Thursday. Have to go with something we have on hand)
Thursday: Jambalaya Stuffed Chicken w/salads
Friday: Bacon & Spinach Quiche
Saturday: Burgers. We're going to head up to Bear Lake in the early afternoon so I may make Picnic Chicken, which is basically fried chicken that we eat cold. It's delicious. I'll post my recipe (easy-peasy!) and pics if I have time
Sunday: A-1 Pork Chops w/mashed potatoes & salads
Monday: Roast w/zesty gravy and veggies and some kind of starch (haven't gotten that far yet lol)
Tuesday: Pizza. Same recipe as last week. Love that dough recipe!!

Pretty good week. Have been super impressed with E-Mealz so far. Takes the guess work out of what to make each night, and almost everything we've made, we've liked so far.

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