Monday, December 24, 2012

The Impala

Purchased 2008
Refinanced 2009 so we could buy a truck. d'oh.

Payments left : 9!!!
Payments I'm making in January: 1 monthly + 4 additional!

Therefore we should have the Impala paid off before June of 2013! And since January is a 5 week pay period for Mike, there should be about an extra payment or 2 in January if we stick to our budget. We do have dentist appointments and I need contacts badly, so we'll see. But we'll own my car in less than 6 months.

Debt Snowball update:
Since starting our snowball in February 2011 we have paid off $14,000 in debt. DAMN! It was actually closer to $17k, but we did have a baby in there and we didn't budget for that baby cause we had to save for my unpaid maternity leave. But I'd do that all over again in a heartbeat. If we follow this course of action, we should be completely out of debt (other than the house) in about 2 years. I think if we actually stick to our budget (and don't add any more children for a bit), we can make that closer to a year and a half. Feels great!

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