Sunday, December 23, 2012

I married the right man...

Today we took a different way home from church. As we were going along one of the back roads, we both noticed a girl in a Jeep broken down at a stop sign. And both of us of said "we need to help her" at about the same time. Mike flipped around and pulled over and got out to see what he could do to help. I watched all this from the car...

Mike is talking to the girl (about 20 yrs old) and 2 other cars pull up followed by a police car. Of course in Cache Valley, there's a cop driving by since they're everywhere. I see him talk to the cop and a guy from one of the other cars who had gotten out to help. Then they pushed the Jeep through the intersection and off to the side of the road. Then the cop left. Other random guy gets behind the wheel of the Jeep and Mike starts pushing the Jeep up the road (and I mean up cause it was on a hill). They're going to "pop the clutch". They get the vehicle running and send the girl on her way. Mike comes back to the car and we head home.

The thing that makes this awesome: girl's car had died and so had her cell so she was stuck in an intersection and scared. Mike said she was close to tears. When cop pulled up, Mike asked if he know how to pop the clutch and the cop said no and just to get the car out of the road. Then left saying "You guys got this". Nice.
Other guy that stopped to help said cop was tailing him and probably was going to pull him over so helping out this girl got him out of a ticket (probably for a license plate light or something) and he got to do a good deed for the day. But as I watched my husband help this girl I realized a few things.

1). I love Mike with my entire heart.
2). He's a protector and I feel so safe with him. I know that he's always going to be there for me and I know that he'll help someone else if they're in trouble.
3) My kids have an amazing father and he's teaching them how to be great human beings. I'm so blessed for that.

I married the right man. He's my best friend, my companion, my partner in life and I can't imagine living this crazy life that we live without him.

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