Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunny Saturday!

Finally, a nice day! We got so much stuff done today too! Mike cleaned 4 towers which is a great help with our debt snowball. I attacked our laundry and have about half of it done. Hopefully will get it finished tomorrow. I also cleaned the kitchen and Grace's bedroom & closet. I did some major purging and got rid of some toys she doesn't play with or even remember she has. We've been rotating toy bins so the Legos and Mega blocks went back downstairs and a bunch of Barbies came up. Grace kills me. Every one is "so beautiful" and all the Ken's are "so handsome". I pulled out some accessories and a ton of clothes, so she should be set for a while. I even had Mercy in her room with her (all little toys were put away so it was safe). It was so sweet to see my kiddo's playing together.

Mike got the lawn mowed and Grace played outside while he was mowing. And he got the garage cleaned out so we can finally park inside again. I like not having to lock my doors every night on my car. Grace did get a nasty cut on her leg from the left-over chain link. That means all of us (save Mercy) have been attacked by the chain link.

Lunch was a hodgepodge of stuff - bread-sticks, chips, etc. Then we cleaned ourselves up and headed to church. I Moby wrapped Mercy, and she was asleep until we walked in the foyer and all my church friends oogled her and she woke up to get some attention :) She pretty much stayed away all during church too. Father Clarence is back from his sabbatical and he was very much missed. And we unfortunately had an organ player at church and it was just awful. I felt so bad for Linda was singing.

After church, Mike & Grace went to 7-11 and got Slurpees because we had some leftover grocery money this week in the budget. Nice little treat.

We had burgers on the grill and oven fries for dinner. Grace ate an entire burger. She has never eaten an entire homemade burger. I'm so proud!

I got some cutie pics of Murp (our little nickname for Mercy) and some of the fence too. Posted. It was a great day. We did it all without spending money and got to spend time with our family together. Tomorrow I got to run some cereal up to church for the youth retreat and then I'm going to take the girls to feed the ducks at first dam for a picnic.

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