Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bountiful Baskets & other random things.

We'll start with our Bountiful Basket! I have been wanting to do this for a while, but kept putting it off. I'm glad I finally did. I showed up at Peterson's Country Store expecting to keep the kids in the car and just grab my basket, but there was a huge line! So I hauled the kids out, with the laundry basket and went to stand in line. We probably waited about 20 minutes. Since it was my first time, I just assumed that was normal, but I guess the truck was 40 minutes late so next time will probably be different.

Here's a picture of our loot: We got 2 bunches of romaine lettuce, 1 bunch of spinach, 3 artichokes, 1 cantaloup, 1 watermelon, 7 apples, 5 yellow onions, 6 peaches, 3 pears, 3 yellow peppers, 4 tomatoes, 12 random peppers and a bunch of bananas. If it wasn't my first time it'd only have cost $16.50, but I had to pay a first time fee of $3 which isn't bad.

Grace was hugging the watermelon and a pepper cause she said it was her buddies. LOL She kills me. The fruit will be nice for Mike's lunch. And we made banana smoothies when we got home. The onions are always useful and the cantaloup will make a great breakfast this week. Not sure what we'll do with the yellow peppers, but I'm already planning a quick salsa with the tomatoes and peppers. Only thing I'm not sure on is the artichoke. I've never worked with raw artichoke before, so we'll see!

Here's a picture of Mercy enjoying some of the banana. What a sweetie.

Lastly, here's the double rainbow from the other night. It was probably the brightest rainbow I have ever seen! But it made me laugh because of the Double Rainbow guy. You can check out his YouTube video here. Funny stuff!

We'll end with where we're at with the debt-snowball. Mike's probably cleaned about 14 or so lines this month and it's only the 11th. So that's about $140 to throw at the debt. One of my bartenders was a sweetie and gave me $20 for helping her out the other night. I told her I didn't need it cause I just like helping but she insisted so that's put in the snowball envelope. This week we're out of grocery money but we're planning on grilling kabobs tonight and then we have hotdogs, sloppy joes and probably a roast for early this week. I'm hoping for some good meal deals soon cause my stockpile of meat is gone. Should be coming up though cause it's grilling season. Enjoy your Saturday!!

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