Thursday, November 29, 2012

USU Mini Cheer Camp

A few of my hosts are cheerleaders at USU and they hosted a mini cheer camp a few weeks ago. I was going to have Grace do one last year but the timing was off, so I was excited that she'd be able to go this year.


She's such a ham anyways, but she had a blast. The routine was cute and she even saw some girls that go to school with her so she had some friends. The performed at halftime at a USU basketball game and I thought she'd be nervous but she was so excited.

Here's a few shots of the practice:

Bethany and I just hung out:

Participation was only $15 and it included a ticket to the game for her, plus a T-shirt and the 3 hour mini camp. Not too bad for a morning of fun. They colored and had cookies for a snack. And then they played some games. Lastly the cheerleaders and Aggiettes performed for the kids before they practiced their routines. Here's some shots during the dress rehearsal:

And my camera does have a video option but it only got about 30 seconds. Here's a little bit of the routine:

So we were indecisive about which kids to take with us to the game, if any. I figured the baby would be easy because I could Moby her but Mercy's being...well 2. I was going to have someone watch her, but then never really set anything up and then I figured in a worse case scenario we'd just walk around the upper walk until halftime was over and then go. 

We get to the stadium and it's raining. We get inside and we're soaked. I take Grace to where she's supposed to meet. Thankfully I knew cheerleaders or I probably wouldn't have done this. I know we're in Cache Valley and it's pretty safe, but there are still some creepers out there. But I knew the girls would watch out for her. I met Mike back at our seats which were on the other side of the stadium. The parent section was pretty empty and luckily no one sat near us so Mercy got her own seat even though she didn't have a ticket. Bethany wasn't really feeling the Moby so I just held her. 

Mercy loved clapping along and she was even semi-doing the Scottsman. It was cute.

I snuck a granola bar in for her. Not sure if that was allowed but oh well. Bethany was fairly good. I did get up and change and feed her cause there was no way I'd be able to figure out how to nurse her discretely in the stands. Those seats are packed in there.

Halftime started and I wish we would have known they were performing to the students. So Grace was super far away and we didn't have good visual. But thankfully, at the mini camp one of the mom's told me to put a bright colored flower or bow in Grace's hair so she'd be easy to spot. We did! Can you see her? Her flower was bright pink :)

In the end, she had a blast. When the kids laid down and kicked their feet, the crowd let out the biggest "awww". I have video on my facebook page. It's from far away, but you get the point right?

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