Thursday, January 13, 2011


Let's talk coupons. I became addicted a few months ago, thanks in part to my sister-in-law Kahra. I saw something she posted about an awesome shopping trip and I had to ask how she did it. Now I'm spending my free time clipping coupons, filing them, and searching for deals. I went crazy when I first started doing it. I was trying for every deal and getting frustrated when I'd go to a store and they were completely out of what I wanted.

4o boxes of cereal later....I've scaled back some.

Until today when Mike told me he didn't care how much food I bought cause prices are going to go up. I'm not too worried though. That's why they make coupons!

Today I hit up Wal-Mart for our weekly groceries. Usually I'm at Smith's but they had pretty much the same deals this week as last and I really don't need more cereal (or do I? There's some good coupons that still need used!). I was planning on going without coupons, but then I remembered that my favorite site Savvy Shopper Deals has just posted a link for Wal-Mart deals. So I browsed the site and added a few things to my list. I got all the things for our meals this week, plus some Johnson & Johnson Head-to-Toe baby wash (Grace will now be using that since I have a TON!), popcorn shrimp, red wine vinegar, spicy mustard, toilet paper and rice. Here's the link to the forum that lists the Wal-Mart deals. She is pricing the Payson Wal-Mart and silly Wal-Mart has different pricing from store to store. Even the two in Logan have different pricing and different products. For instance, I was going to get Toaster Strudels and Totinos Pizza but the pricing was a lot different in Logan so I just kept walking. But I wish they had them cause Grace practically breathes Toaster Strudels in the morning and we go through them fast. Oh well!

Anyway, my trip was $92 before coupons and $65 after. I have a weekly grocery budget of $125 so I'm only halfway there and don't need anything the rest of the week! I'm hoping for a sale on ground beef soon cause I really, really need to stock up. Our meal plan for this week called for 4lbs of beef and I thought we were out (there was a pound of beef hiding in my freezer, darn) and so I bought two 2 lb pks at $3/lb. OUCH!

Ok I'm done. Till next week that is....

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